Apartment in Bansko, Bulgaria. Available for rent.

Bansko is a beautiful resort all year round. Offering:-

Food & drink
It is extremely easy to eat well and for a very reasonable price – all over Bansko.
There are about 100 traditional ‘Mehanas’ (Bulgarian Taverns), mainly in the old part of town, and many modern restaurants in the new end of town nearer the ski lift.
‘Mehanas’: Often you will find that Mehanas have been created from old family homes and the owner is also your waiter – therefore, they are proud to present their dishes and happy to recommend a menu for you. The menus are nearly always translated into English but be careful …. the translations can be a little misleading on occasion! However, we have never had a bad meal and have found that the Mehanas are very child-friendly and welcoming. It is worth noting that the Bulgarians will not necessarily serve the entire meal at the same time – you may find your vegetables arriving and then the rest of your main course a little later! However, they are happy to accommodate your requests if you make it clear when ordering. It is also worth noting that the Bulgarians traditionally serve food at luke-warm temperature – although we have noticed this changing as more western European influences appear. Meals can cost as little as £7 (14 Bulgarian Lev or €7) per head, with a pint of beer at approx £1.50 and an excellent choice of Bulgarian Merlot and Cabinet Sauvignon wines. The local drink is ‘Rakiya’ – beware!! Naturally, meals are more expensive within the Hotels where an impressive, fine dining selection may be also found. Local dishes include the ‘Sache’ which is a sizzling stone plate brought to your table with meat, vegetables and spices – often shared by 2. Also the ‘Kapama’ and ‘Banski Starets’. Meat is often pork but chicken is nearly always available too.

To walk to the old town take the road bridge across the river and after about 300m turn left at traffic lights into Pirin Street and keep walking! After a few hundred metres you will start to see Mehanas both sides of the road, often with a Bulgarian trying to entice you in! About half a mile down Pirin Street there is a square with a monument and statue. You will find more Mehanas down the cobbled streets to the right of the square, or if you continue down Pirin Street to the left hand side of the square you will come to another bigger square with more Mehanas. We have eaten at the small Mehana on the left just before the main square and the food was good and great value.
Modern restaurants:
The nearest to Cedar Lodge is on the top floor of the Shopping Mall. If you cross the road bridge there is a very reasonably priced Italian on the left (recommended). Continue to the traffic lights and there is another Italian on the right corner (not recommended!) and a Greek restaurant on the opposite corner (recommended!). Turn right at the traffic lights and opposite the Kempinski hotel is Victorias’ (recommended). Please note these recommendations are from our own personal experience last year, but restaurants can change hands so they may be completely different now!

There is a shopping Mall nearby. Turn left out of reception and it’s about 300m on the left opposite the road bridge.
More shops in Pirin Street. Take the road bridge across the river and after about 300m turn left at traffic lights into Pirin Street.
There are many different kinds of shops in Bansko – from the old, traditional gift and trinket shops to modern supermarkets and banks. The shops are spread out all over town so you will be able to shop as near, or as far, from your apartment as you wish! There is also a selection of ski related shops adjacent to Cedar Lodge where Rossignol ski equipment may be purchased and you will also find Salomon, Atomic, Burton, North Face and Quicksilver in town. Many of the craft shops contain traditional wood items as well as some items that may prove difficult to take home such as a selection of knives and ornamental guns! There is a selection of traditional knitwear on sale as well as the normal Bulgarian trinkets, bracelets and china. You will also see older ladies selling knitted items in the town square. You are also able to purchase popular branded clothing such as Diesel, Von Dutch, Levi, Adidas and Nike. The number of English-speaking shop workers is increasing and they sometimes try very hard to appear helpful which can appear pushy to some. However, they are genuinely happy to help you and will often negotiate on price so it is worth a try if you are spending a fair amount!
Food shopping
The nearest food shop is about 50m. Turn left out of reception.
For a bigger supermarket take the road bridge across the river and after about 300m turn left at traffic lights into Pirin Street and it is on the left after about 100m.

Bansko is alive with history (starting from 100BC!), beautiful architecture and tradition – combined with all the shops, Mehanas (local taverns) and entertainment that you could want. The town square is approximately 15 minutes walk from the Apartments where many of these can be found and you will walk down Pirin Street, which also offers traditional and modern shops, supermarkets, ski shops, banks and Post Offices. The unique combination of a well developed mountain resort and a living historical town turns it into an elegant place for entertainment. Virtually every house has its own story to tell, which indeed can turn your vacation into a journey to the Bulgarian traditions. The traditional Bansko taverns (called "Mehana"), with their exceptional charm and style offer local atmosphere by their cuisine and good selection of Bulgarian wines. Most of the local "Mehanas" even offer live folk music. Many local cafes and bars offer refreshments. Discos and night clubs work without time limit, and usually close early in the morning.
During the ski season, there is no shortage of ‘Apres Ski’ to suit all tastes. The ‘Happy End’ bar is just at the base of the Gondola and you can relax there with a drink or a coffee after coming down from the slopes. This becomes a busy night-time bar in the evenings. If you prefer a quieter evening, there are countless Mehanas where you are welcome to come in and have a drink or a coffee and children are also welcome.
If you fancy a night at the Casino whilst in Bansko, there are now two – one at the ‘Strazhite Hotel’ opposite the Lion Bar on the main road from the Gondola and the other half way down Pirin Street on the right as you walk to the town centre. You can play Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and a selection of Fruit Machines.
10-Pin Bowling
This is again at the ‘Strazhite Hotel’ next to the Casino. There are also pool tables, a bar/café and mini arcade machines and is suitable for children of all ages. The lanes are not full sized but are neon-lit which adds to the fun of playing to the lights!
Ice Skating Rink
This rink was new in 2008 and is an amazing, new, state of the art rink for all abilities and with a large amount of arena seating. It is situated about 10 minutes walk from Cedar Lodge.



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